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Information You Need to Choose the Right Candidate

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Anyone can falsify information within the cyber landscape. We have all received emails from “royalty” promising us impossible wealth for a few simple personal identifiers. But by now we know not to trust something just because we can read it on our screens. Information has become so saturated that it can take a trained professional to sift through the truth and the garbage. This filtering process has now become so important we apply it to all different kinds of information. It helps us look at the right emails, read validated news articles, and even find the right people when we are looking to get in contact with them. When we read something online that is too good to be true – more often than not, it is too good to be true.

man applying for a job on the internetBut what about a candidate for a job? If 100 people apply for a position, how many of them are lying about themselves on their resume? Half? More? How do you know who is telling the truth and can be trusted? Sorting out the facts with a high level of certainty can be imperative for companies who hire online – which is a large section of our workforce in this day and age. If employers cannot verify the credentials of potential employees, then the hiring process may be long and arduous.

A reputable background screening company can provide two very important services that help sift through all the information, be it true or false. These are previous employment verification and a trusted background verification process that includes fast turn-around times. These tools help keep the bad hires at a distance and assist in collecting a much more streamlined list – full of accurate information to base your hiring decision. Previous employment verification can assist in establishing a concrete platform for only the people who have the right kind of experience – the kind that can be verified through technology forward screening.

Statistics say HALF of the population has lied on a resume. Those lies need to be captured and passed along to the hiring employers. Proper background verification is a must have to save your company time and money.


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