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The importance of hiring competent and committed staff cannot be overstated. For this reason, many businesses turn to staffing agencies to assist them in placing the right individual for the job. There are roughly 20,000 staffing and recruiting companies operating in the United States placing over 3 million employees in offices, hospitals, warehouses, factories, and other job sites. Staffing agencies employ specific strategies to accurately match each jobseeker’s skills and experience with the potential employer’s requirements.

At Edge Information, we provide the staffing industry with the necessary tools to assist beyond applicant skill assessment. We offer a comprehensive suite of employment screening solutions and Electronic I-9 compliance services for accurate and legally compliant verification and record-keeping procedure. We utilize the i9AdvantEdge system for paperless and streamlined I-9 process.


Hire qualified candidates.

We run comprehensive drug testing programs in partnership with the country’s biggest and most reputable laboratories.

As staffing agencies need to primarily focus on the core business, we understand that navigating the employment screening regulatory landscape can be daunting. Staffing agencies need to constantly improve their planning, identifying, recruiting, and selecting efforts so they are able to appropriately allocate for their clients the skilled candidate for the job.

Edge Information provides the staffing industry the tools and keeps you informed to ensure full compliance with federal laws, state laws, or municipal and local regulations on employment screening.

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