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In 2017, a total of 6.4 million Americans were employed in energy-focused businesses. This number is expected to rise as businesses continue to develop gas or oil reserves, explore energy drilling and refining, or integrate power utilities such as coal and renewable energy. In the process of hiring, energy companies are usually geared toward hiring the most skilled and experienced individuals to fill vacancies. More often than not, Human Resources departments in these companies strategize to get the best people but fail to maintain robust screening processes or comply with policy.

While energy-focused companies have hiring procedures in place, many of them cannot ensure or maintain accuracy in background screening and drug testing results. Keeping I-9 verification records as dictated by law can be a real challenge as well.

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Hiring the right Energy Industry candidates.

Edge Information aims to help you navigate these complex hiring practices without compromising results and conformity with regulations. We offer reference checks, verifications, and electronic fingerprinting as screening solutions that we can integrate into your existing business to address your specific needs as part of the energy sector.

Edge proudly offers the i9AdvantEdge, an automated system that helps your company keep a compliant, paperless, and streamlined I-9 process. We are also fully equipped to review your current background screening process, make an assessment, and recommend the best solution that complies with federal, state, or local guidelines.

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