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Why Choose Edge Information?

We Listen, Learn and Deliver.

By listening to what you need today and learning what you want to accomplish in the future Edge is able to deliver a tailored screening service that achieves your short and long-term goals. Edge understands our mission is to always assist you in getting qualified candidates to work as quickly as possible by using methods and technology that comply with pertinent federal and state laws.

Our first step is to listen to your human resources, operations, and risk management teams as they explain existing strengths and weaknesses within the current hiring and screening process. Secondly, we meet with all of the affected parties which allows Edge to quickly identify the best way for each department to meet their own individual needs while also obtaining the company’s overall goal. Lastly, we continue conversations with stakeholders regarding future recruitment, hiring and onboarding objectives help.

Edge learns how to properly prepare for future enhancements or transitions. As a result, Edge delivers a smooth and compliant program that not only meets today’s demands but is also positioned and scalable for future changes and integrations.

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