Labor is reduced, paper use is minimized and most importantly, consistency and confidentiality are maintained as a result of WebScreen™’s flexibility and tight control. Operational costs and liability concerns will decrease as the various capabilities of WebScreen™ are utilized.

Edge’s premier online tool, WebScreen™, allows authorized individuals to request searches, review results, track final hiring decisions, view archived reports, email results, run multiple reports and more. WebScreen™’s flexibility and control makes it the most useful single-site background screening system available today. Based on log-in and passwords, senior executives have the ability to decide who has viewing privileges to sensitive information and who does not.

For companies providing their multi-site locations (field sites) internet access, WebScreen™ is the perfect solution for background and drug screening. Using WebScreen™, the corporate office can ensure that individual hiring managers make background requests by “position” only. The corporate office then reviews all report information to make the hiring decision.

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