In manufacturing, industry workers play a crucial role for the sector. To date, there are over 12.7 million employees whose mechanical, physical, or chemical skill sets are the driving force of the industry. Their individual roles keep the research, design, development, production, quality assurance, and logistics processes operating smoothly on a day-to-day basis.

For this reason, hiring suitable candidates for manufacturing work promises to be a daunting challenge. Most manufacturing Human Resources Departments are scrambling to sort through the numerous applications in the most seamless way possible to ensure that they come up with the right hiring decisions.

Hiring procedures can be quite a complex landscape, especially in the manufacturing sector. You assess, screen, identify, choose, and develop employees with the skills and competencies that match your company requirements. And while a solid selection process may be in place, the HR is not insusceptible to mistakes that, unless resolved quickly, have serious repercussions to the organization. Then it gets worse; overlooking the value of a fully compliant background screening procedure can yield expensive penalties.

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At Edge Information, we let you focus on worker recruitment and selection process for a variety of roles in your manufacturing business. Our team of experts will help you put in place an array of strategic background screening solutions that can be customized to fit your scope of needs.

Count on Edge Information to provide you with state-of-the-art reference checks, verifications, and electronic fingerprinting services. We are also certified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to conduct pre-employment drug screening services in partnership with the country’s most trusted laboratories.

i9Edge™, our Electronic I-9 system, ensures accurate and compliance verification and record keeping procedures. Your I-9 process can be streamlined and simplified so you streamline the process of verifying the identity and eligibility of your new hires while remaining compliant.

We are equipped to review and assess your background screening systems, and suggest and implement the right solutions that abide by federal laws, state laws, and local regulations. We understand your business could use minimal to zero hiring process disruption; our screening tools and techniques can be seamlessly integrated to your existing procedures to ensure that!

Let Edge Information help you navigate your pre-employment screening options and achieve robust and compliant pre-employment screening procedures for your manufacturing firm.

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