Edge Information Services

SSN Verification (SSA)

Shows name of cardholder and validity of number.

Education Verification

Confirmation of attendance and/ or graduation and degree(s) obtained.

License Verification

Indicates to whom the license is issued, issuing agency, validity of issue, date of expiration and, if available, history of disciplinary action taken on the license.

Sexual Offender

A search through the Sexual Offender Registry is available in some states. This report lists the offender’s name (s), address(s), crimes of conviction and also a picture if available.

Driving History

Reveals valid license information, negligent / reckless operators and individuals operating a vehicle with an invalid or suspended license. An important search for any company hiring drivers of company vehicles.

Credit Report

Shows debt load, payment history and public record information of a civil nature (bankruptcy, lien, judgment) and more.

SSN Verification (Bureau)

Includes name, social security number and prior addresses.

Criminal Court Document Copies

Copies of the original court documents.

Disposition Searches

A search of the county court records to obtain any and all information regarding a case, which may be missing on the original report.

Civil Records (Upper + Lower)

The upper and lower civil courts are distinguished based upon financial value of a claim. Higher value cases such as divorce are handled at the upper level. Lower value cases such as eviction, small claims and other minor disputes are handled at the lower level.

Name, Address, & Phone Searches

Provides the name, address, phone and other identifiers for an individual or company.

HHS/OIG Exclusions

The HHS Office of Inspector General imposes exclusions on individuals and entities based on the authority contained in Sections 1128 and 1156 of the Social Security Act. This List of Excluded Individuals /Entities is a listing of all parties excluded as of the date of publication.

GSA Excluded Parties

The functions of the three sections of the lists are distinct and are explained below: The first section, List of Parties Excluded from Procurement and Non-procurement Programs, lists individuals, entities, and contractors that are excluded Government- wide, unless otherwise noted, from Federal procurement and sales programs, non-procurement programs, and financial and non-financial benefits.

*** Electronic Fingerprinting Available in Melbourne, FL ***

Edge’s electronic fingerprint collection site is located at 1682 W. Hibiscus Blvd., Melbourne, FL 32901 and is open Monday- Friday from 8am to 4pm, no appointment is necessary. All individuals wishing to be printed must bring a valid government issues photo ID (Driver License, Passport, Military ID). Some individuals may need to provide an “ORI Number” and “OCA Number” depending on the agency or organization you are applying/working for. Mobile service is available for groups of 15 or more.