Compliance & Regulation

Regulatory Considerations

Edge has a dedicated team of compliance professionals to assist our clients in navigating the employment screening regulatory environment. Whether Federal regulation, state laws or the plethora of municipal and local regulatory considerations Edge can provide you with information and tools based on our industry knowledge.

The Edge compliance team is active in the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). Our team maintains presence on the Government Relations Committee and meets with legislators on Capitol Hill during the annual fly-in.

Edge has achieved NAPBS Accreditation and members of the Compliance team hold Basic and Advanced FCRA certifications.

What Edge Does To Help Our Clients

Disclosure & Authorization

Edge provides sample forms to assist clients in developing a compliant D&A form for use in their particular hiring model. The compliance team can review forms and point out areas that may need to be reviewed by client’s legal counsel.

Edge provides sample AA forms for client legal counsel review. Our compliance team is available for general FCRA training and specific Adverse Action webinars which can help large organization educate their human resource teams.

Adverse Action

Reporting Guidelines

Edge can apply reporting guidelines to the report information, displaying for client review only information pertinent to your particular industry, business model and job type.

Edge conducts continual auditing for quality control. Our internal compliance team randomly samples a portion of reports each day to promote accuracy, consistency and the timely processing of information.

Quality Control

Our desire as a Compliance Department is to keep clients informed of the changing regulatory landscape as it relates to employment screening. We seek to partner with you to provide your team with the proper knowledge and tools to operate an efficient and compliant employment screening program.

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