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At Edge Information Management, Inc. we provide our customers with easy to use tools, the latest technologies and dependable services that we tailor to their specific needs and corporate environment. We understand that the strength of your company depends on the strength of your workforce. This is why our core business is helping employers achieve consistent and comprehensive background screening results, while reducing their overall operational costs. Let Edge assist you with your screening process to help ensure the future outlook of your company.

Customer Testimonials

I would recommend Edge and have recommended them because they have been a great partner for us. They keep up with laws and regulations and bring things to us that could affect our business.

Dan Doyle

Bealls, Inc.

We used to outsource our lab for drug screens, and Edge was able to come in, write our guidelines and protocols, and provide us a system where we could do the in-house drug screen, which probably expedited the process by at least 50%. What used to take about 5-7 days to process an employee now, through Edge, takes us about 3-4 days.

Matt File
Conway Lakes Health and Rehab

I would recommend Edge to another company, especially another small business. The customer service and ease of use of Webscreen are reasons I feel Edge stands out.

Sheila Poland
Spherion – Melbourne Branch.

They’re honest, eithical people that do what they say and also do things without being asked, which goes a long way as far as I am concerned.

Scott Myers
Hibbett Sports

Additional Customer Testimonials

” …we have been an Edge client since October 2001, and I am proud to say that we continue to receive the same consistent service and quality that we received in the initial phase of implementation.” Human Resources Director, Hospital Group

“In the several years we have partnered with Edge….we have experienced very good service and personal attention.” Human Resources Director, Auto Dealership Group

“Customer support has been very helpful in getting the information back to us within a timely manner and with great accuracy. Edge Information also keeps us informed as the laws change concerning background checks and employment law.” Manufacturer

“The web portal is user-friendly, as are the technicians who support it – these features are very important to me as a user.” Personnel Manager, Church Headquarters

“In addition to the outstanding service, we are enjoying the excellent capabilities and functionality offered to us with your product and services.” Corporate Director of HR, Hospital Group

“I just want to say that Edge is doing an excellent job and I am very happy for choosing your company. I really appreciate the time they take to return my phone calls and taking time to help me out.” Human Resource Associate, Hospital and Heart Institute

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