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Recruiting is challenging in practically any industry, and the government sector deals with the same strenuous process. The federal government, which has employees in 350 different occupations in various federal agencies, is finding ways to enhance their procedures and come up with an effective, fail-proof system that will lead to the most qualified employees—all while staying compliant with the law.

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Hire only the best Government candidates.

With Edge Information, the government sector can carry out comprehensive background screening through reference checks, verifications, and electronic fingerprinting. In completing and safe-keeping I-9 Employment Eligibility Verifications for each hired employee, the government could use a proven, advanced system that will streamline this important process.
Utilizing our state-of-the-art i9AdvantEdge, government hiring can become simplified and expedited with the automated I-9 procedure.

Edge also takes pride in our employment drug testing program that operates in partnership with the nation’s top laboratories to guarantee accurate and fast results. As opposed to drastically altering your existing system, all these background screening solutions will be integrated into your current recruitment practices. We can even tailor-fit them to your needs as a sector.

At Edge, we understand that tackling regulatory requirements pertaining to your background screening procedures can be quite a challenge. We are a team of compliance professionals that can assist government entities in navigating the complexities of background screening. We will partner with you as your Compliance Department, ensuring that you do not face violations in all aspects of your hiring or screening processes.

Not only does Edge make sophisticated yet easy-to-implement tools handy for you; we also make sure that all legal rules and regulations are satisfied.

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