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The U.S. transportation sector consists of many types of businesses delivering air freight, airlines, marine, logistics, warehousing, and transportation infrastructure services. The industry is a massive contributor to economic growth. In 2017, roughly 3.7 million people were employed in the industry, and it is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.

Because the transportation industry is one that requires a specific set of skills, with some vacancies requiring experience and training, the Human Resources departments in many such businesses have their hands full. They need to be fully focused on the recruitment and selection process while implementing strategies to enhance efficiency in hiring and retention. Conducting background screening on candidates and verifying the information of new hires can be a challenge, particularly with respect to regulation compliance.

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Hire the right Transportation Industry candidates.

Edge Information offers a range of background screening services to help businesses in the transportation sector focus on hiring individuals whose personalities, skills and experiences fit the requirements of the position. These background screening services can be integrated into your business and customized to your organizational needs.

We conduct reference checks, verifications, and electronic fingerprinting with fast and accurate to help you make informed hiring decisions. You also can count on us to streamline your pre-employment drug testing procedures. Our drug testing programs are fully compliant with the law. We implement our i9AdvantEdge system to streamline your I-9 employment eligibility verification process.

Because background screening regulations are always changing, transportation companies need to keep up. Edge is your Compliance Department. We review your hiring procedures and ensure zero violations that can be expensive and threatening to your business.

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