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Quality designs and fresh ideas for the Insurance Industry.

In terms of revenue, the U.S. insurance industry trumps the rest of the world. In the coming years, the sector is expected to make a significant strategic and operational shift by adopting product and services variations to cope with the demands of the digital age. In order to measure up to industry expectations, businesses in the insurance sector will need to examine closely the skills, personalities, and experiences of professionals they will hire.

However, running an efficient screening system is apparently a challenge for companies in a sector that focuses on revolutionizing the industry while meeting (and exceeding!) customer demands.

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How Edge Can Help

Hire the right Insurance Industry candidates.

Edge Information provides state-of-the-art solutions. We offer a full suite of background screening services consisting of reference checks, verifications, and electronic fingerprinting. Our drug testing program, which we provide in partnership with leading laboratories in the country, will give you accurate and fast results.

To help you improve your verification and record keeping processes, Edge will implement i9AdvantEdge system for a streamlined, paperless I-9 processes to avoid deficiencies and violations. Edge believes in keeping your system constantly up-to-date without hurting your current practices. We can tailor these solutions to fit your scale as an insurance organization.

Is your background screening process compliant with the law? As your Compliance Department, we can review your existing practices and execute strategies to ensure that your screening and hiring procedures comply with government regulations—and keep them that way.

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