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Occupational Health Screening

An occupational medical and health check is a crucial procedure in ensuring that new hires and existing employees are fit to perform the tasks required in their positions and roles. It also helps prevent or minimize work-related accidents and injuries.

Having occupational health assessment and screening as part of your company’s SOP provides a variety of benefits.

Health Screening Benefits

Among the many types of occupational health screenings available are:

  • Pre-employment checks: Performed before newly accepted employees can start their job
  • DOT pre-employment screening: A DOT-mandated drug and health testing before hiring commercial drivers
  • Fitness for work or fit for role health checks: Regularly performed checks to ensure the well-being of employees especially truck drivers, commercial pilots, crane operators, night shift workers, and other occupations that expose individuals to mental and physical strain
  • Return to work: Performed on employees returning from a prolonged absence to allow employers to make adjustments to work conditions, if necessary.
  • Health and medical monitoring: Regular health check for employees whose position exposes them to health risks such as hazardous substances, noise, vibrations, and radiation.
  • Multi-panel drug screening: Tests the presence of alcohol and controlled substances to identify the person’s suitability for the job position
  • Vaccinations and Titers help to verify or provide immunity to illnesses that some workers may be exposed to or provide care for as part of their duties.

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