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customer service

You probably understand why it is important to have great Customer Service to support the Products & Services sold as a business to its own customers. It improves customer satisfaction, it helps retain customers, grow existing customers, gain referrals, and the list goes on.


Your Time is Valuable

It is important in providing background checks too. To have timely, accurate and compliant information to make informed hiring decisions is particulary important. But when you have a question about something you may need an answer NOW!! It can be something small like how to log in, or it can be something like having to add a new user, or a question about something in the Consumer Report. You are busy and your time is valuable. You need an answer. You need it now and you need to move onto your next task.  We get that.


Not all Client Services are the Same

That is why Edge makes the investment in our US-based Client Services Department in both resources to answer your call and tools to have information at their fingertips to help you. Our team is trained and ready to answer any question you have. You will get the answer you need when you need it and you will know them by name as they will come to know you. In our industry, service makes an enormous difference, but it is often overlooked when looking for a supplier. It is all about how much and how fast; factors that are easy to check on a list. Client Services is something that is often assumed will work fine and similar between all providers. Sure, we all have it. But is it any good?



Some companies in our industry have lost sight of the importance of Client Services. Some have off-shored this function to “1-800-BLACKHOLE” where customers and applicants leave a message and wait for a call-back. Why do they do it? It is cheaper and that means more profit. It is about volume and not about taking care of the client. These are typically the companies that have chosen to go public, so their business dynamics change to accommodate fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders where profits are king and outsourcing things like client services overseas makes sense on paper. We hear about the lack of Client Services from the customers of these vendors and others all the time. Tell your peers who have this frustration to contact Edge
to experience the Edge difference.


Edge Commitment

We do everything in our power during the onboarding process and through our long-term relationship with our customers to make your job easier, your team more productive, and our services something you do not have to worry about.


Let us Hear from You

If we do that for you, we would love to hear from you at to share with our team that they are appreciated.  Tell us one thing that you believe we do exceptionally well. And, if you ever have a problem, we want to hear about that too! We cannot fix what we do not know.  Our customers are important to us and that is why our Customer Service is an area we strive to deliver an excellent customer experience.