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7 Ways to Save Your Business from Hiring Nightmares


The best way to avoid hiring nightmares for your business is to ensure that you’re hiring the right person from the start. Partnering with a reliable employment background screening company may assist your efforts in onboarding the right candidate for the job.

The cost of hiring the wrong person is not just about wasting money, time and effort. A bad hire can also be devastating to the organization because it may have a demoralizing effect on everyone in the company that is directly affected by it. Furthermore, without the help of an accredited pre-employment background check company, you may put your staff, client, business, and reputation at risk. Last but certainly not least you may experience, in a worst case scenario, exposure to negligent hiring litigation.

So how can you save your business from hiring nightmares? Here are some tips:

Assess your current organizational structure to ensure hiring for much-needed job positions

Assess and update your organizational chart to ensure that every job position is serving your business. This will also help you avoid job redundancy that leads to unfair dismissals and lay-offs. This also prevents hiring individuals who cannot work efficiently because their tasks overlap someone else’s as well as things being too siloed.

Provide unique instruction on job ads

Reading job application letters and resumes can be a mundane task especially since most say the same things. Adding a unique instruction on job ads will help you instantly eliminate those who don’t actually care to follow instructions (in short, inattentive), saving you massive time and energy in sorting the candidates. These instructions can be as simple as adding specific keywords on the email subject line to as eccentric as using humor  in the application letter.

During the interview, ask questions that will keep the candidates talking

Avoid asking cliche interview questions since most employment candidates will just answer them with memorized or prepared answers. By asking open-ended questions and guiding the conversation to focus on the job position, you will have a better idea if the candidate is best suited for the tasks at hand.

Hire people that suit your company culture

Some candidates may fit your job ad profile in terms of skills and experience but their personality or moral compass may clash with your company culture and/or the employees currently working in the family. For example, negligently hiring someone who complains a lot can demotivate employees or become a cancer inside your culture. 

Aside from asking the right questions during the interview, partnering with a trusted employment background screening company can further help you ensure that you’re hiring the right person for the job.

Avoid the temptation of hiring based on the candidate’s “potential”

Unless you’re hiring interns to be groomed for a permanent position later, you can’t risk hiring someone simply based on his or her potential. It could lead to high training costs especially if the hired candidate cannot match your expectations in reality.

Focus on hiring qualified and smart individuals

IQ and common sense are not things that can be simply taught to new employees unlike knowledge of company information, products, and services or skills required to complete tasks.

Entrust the employment background screening to a professional company

An established pre-employment background check company has more than sufficient time and resources to conduct a comprehensive background search in local, national, and international databases and to provide accurate and fast reports.

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