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Why Customized Employment Background Check Solutions Matter

By June 18, 2021 No Comments

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Every company wants to hire only the best employees. But, with so many individuals applying for jobs nowadays, it can be difficult to weed through applicants and find the perfect person. That is why employment background check solutions are important. Customized employment background check solutions allow employers to see potential risks before they hire an individual. They also provide a way for those who have had issues in the past to demonstrate that they deserve a new chance at success.

Here’s why you should consider getting customized solutions for your employment background checks.

Targeted solution

Customized employment background check solutions are designed specifically for you, instead of a one size fits all approach. Many employers may not want to go with customized solutions because they might think that the price tag is too high. However, the good thing about customized solutions is that providers can help work out a budget for your business or organization so that you can get the most bang for your buck and a behind the curtain secret is that many times you will actually realize significant savings.

There may be cheaper one size fits all solutions, but they may not work as well because they are more generalized and cannot account for every possible scenario that you might encounter when screening potential employees, may be too broad in scope or may even be non-compliant. 

It’s always worth it to invest your time in a customized employment background screening solution – both financially and programmatically in terms of compliance and best practices .

Easier to scale.

Customized solutions are meant to meet customer needs. This encompasses scaling up as needed for many businesses during busy hiring periods and then back down when things are slow. This is highly beneficial to large enterprises as well as small companies that need the added flexibility. This fluidity helps ensure that you can quickly adjust to changes in your current business needs or future forecast.

You stay compliant with federal and state laws.

Customized solutions give you more control over the hiring process while remaining in compliance with federal, state or even municipal laws. Background checks may be different depending on the type of business, industry, location, or hiring situation they’re considering. Background check providers can help tailor the best solutions for you while remaining compliant with the current laws. 

Get rid of unnecessary background checks.

A customized solution can eliminate unnecessary background checks that do not necessarily fit the requirements of your organization, industry or individual position you’re seeking to hire for. There are some industries where it is not as necessary for an employer to conduct certain pre-employment screenings because they do not directly relate to the position being filled etc. However, in other industries, like medical facilities or work involving children and vulnerable adults, it is necessary to conduct certain pre-employment screenings for obvious safety reasons. Customized solutions simplify your hiring needs and let you save money in the process since it helps eliminate additional, unnecessary costs.


There are rules throughout the background screening process that require employers to make educated hiring decisions. Luckily, whether you are a mid-sized or a large organization, you can make confident hiring decisions when you have a customized employment screening solution. It’s far easier to obtain and implement than you might think! Find a provider that can create a customized solution designed specifically for you or according to your industry’s needs.