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5 Proven Tips To Prepare You For An Employment Screening

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5 Proven Tips To Prepare You For An Employment Screening

Employment screening can be a nerve-wracking process for both candidates and employers alike. For this reason, employers look for employment screening solutions for candidates that include interviews, background checks, drug tests, credit reports, and more. As for candidates, the most important thing to do is to be prepared and know what to do to increase the chances of getting hired.

The following five tips will help you improve your chances of getting the job.

Don’t fib or embellish on your resume. Be honest about your employment history.

You don’t want to have any discrepancies on your resume in the first place. Doing so could be a red flag for future employers. According to a LinkedIn survey, 52% of hiring managers removed candidates from the hiring process entirely if they found out that they lied about their previous work experience. Look back and know your dates of employment for past employers, know your job title for them and if you worked through an employment agency make sure you use their name rather than the name of company at which you were placed (essentially you want to put the name of the employer on your paycheck not the sign on the door).  This will speed you through any type of employment verification more quickly than other applicants as well. Employers have pre employment screening solutions in place that can verify the information you provide. Be upfront and honest from the beginning so as not to have anything come back negatively or be delayed later down the line. 


Bring a list of credible references with contact information.

It’s always a good idea to have references ready before applying for jobs online or in person. Have credible references that will vouch for your credentials. They can be people who have worked with you in your professional setting or can attest to your work ethic and dedication. It is important to have at least two or three people who can speak positively about their experience working with you. 


Review your credit history and driving record if applying for a high level position.

If you are applying for a higher level position or for a job that will include fiduciary responsibilities it’s generally considered wise to do a little research on your personal credit history and driving record before going through an employment screening. Most companies use employment screening solutions to look at these things for high level positions, so it’s important not to put yourself in the position of jeopardizing your chances by finding out beforehand if there are any outstanding issues you need to address quickly.


Learn your local employment laws.

It’s important to be aware of the laws in your local area especially if you’re interested in working in an industry that requires certain certifications or requirements which can include a clean criminal record and minimal educational requirements. Basically, research what laws your potential employers are adhering to. Doing so is also the best way for you to know your rights.


Be informed about illegal substances.

Many employers are required to perform alcohol and/or drug screenings as part of the hiring process. This can include marijuana, cocaine, and other illegal substances that could be detected in urine, saliva, or blood drug tests. Be informed about this before going in for interviews so you don’t put yourself at risk of not being hired if the employer has strict policies against these substances.



The hiring process is a lot of work and there are many things that you should be aware of to make sure the process goes smoothly. Even though employers have pre-employment screening solutions, you can make it faster and  easier for them to hire you. The best way to get a job is by coming prepared with accurate information, contacts for them to communicate with and being armed with the information you need to be a well informed candidate.

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