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Why Edge’s “Background Screening Service” is a must have for any size of business

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The process of hiring new employees takes time, energy, and requires resources. After all, hiring high-quality candidates is important considering that they are going to be the ones representing your business. Your business can only run well if you hire excellent employees.

With the pressure and demands of getting employees placed, many companies take shortcuts when it comes to screening their candidates. Taking shortcuts like using social media alone for background screening can have serious consequences for your company. Information can be easily curated on social media so companies won’t have the complete picture of a candidate. 

When you let the wrong people into your business, it may result in less than optimal business outcomes, productivity loss, and potentially harm the organization’s reputation or standing. Hiring dependable background screening services like Edge Employment Screening is the key to finding the best background screening solutions for your company.

Here’s why you will love your Edge background screening services.

You can uphold your company’s workplace standards.

If you have strict policies regarding workplace conduct, you want to endeavor to hire people who will not violate or skirt these policies. Edge works toward helping you identify employees that have the experience and skills that will maintain the professional standards of your company. Verification of employment or education credentials are services offered by Edge that screen the information provided by your potential employees to help ensure that they provided accurate and credible information about themselves. Some statistics show upwards of half of all resumes contain embellished information or outright inaccuracies. So, whether you are hiring a full-time employee, a volunteer or a part-time freelance position, it’s critical to feel confident that you have the right people that fit your business’ culture and goals.

You will receive valuable corporate training and webinars about your company’s scopes and services.

As a leader, you need to be up to date with your company’s processes. Training, conferences, and webinars, for example, are the best ways to gain insight and refresh your mind on important procedures within your organization. 

Edge has an upcoming I-9 Webinar, The ‘Real Deal’ on Form I-9 by Philip Ginter, on March 25, 2021. This session will cover a variety of areas relating to Form I-9 that may surprise those seasoned I-9 professionals. 

The areas included in this webinar are: 

  • Paper form versus electronic format
  • Who you do not have to complete an I-9 on
  • What blocks require N/A if any entry is not made
  • What addresses are entered in the address blocks
  • How to complete an I-9 on an employee if they are not on file
  • How long you have to maintain an I-9 on your employees
  • How to make a correction on the form
  • How to complete I-9 on remote employees
  • The temporary policy changes to the form based on COVID-19

Conferences provide educational opportunities that can improve your ways of conducting your operations. After all, no matter how experienced you are at your business, participating in conferences can help you learn more.

Here’s a list of relevant upcoming conferences that may interest you.

You get legal protection.

There are laws surrounding background screening to protect consumers (employees or candidates). For one, it is illegal to check the background of an employee or an applicant based on their color, sex, religion, race, age or any protected category. It is important to treat everyone equally when performing a background check. 

Otherwise, companies will have to pay exorbitant legal fees and costly lawsuits for having a hiring process that potentially disadvantages some candidates or employees. Therefore, many companies choose to trust reliable background screening providers as it assists in the effort to keep them compliant with current best practices, federal and state laws, as well as emerging trends at the municipal level. Edge Background Screening Services are all carried out in a legal and respectful manner. You get the best compliant processes to perform the necessary background checks on your applicants without having to worry as much about privacy invasion, defamation, and negligence lawsuits.

You have better access to pertinent records.

Leaving your background screening needs to Edge Employment Screening means you get better access to the relevant records you need. Edge specialists have the enhanced experience and knowledge to carry out effective investigations. They have the necessary tools that will help you spot the perfect candidate for the job. They have established connections in gathering the data and records needed. You get faster and more efficient results as they can easily contact local, state, and national sources.

You may prevent hiring and legal miscues.

Hiring decisions that result in hiring the wrong people can drain your company’s time, energy, training resources and budget revenue. In a similar way, if you commit legal mistakes during the hiring process, it can potentially trigger a series of costly failures within your organization. These mistakes are more common than you may think.. For instance, a lot of HR managers may not be aware that there are certain states that require employers to provide a copy of their background screening results to applicants even if it is not requested. 

With so many complex laws surrounding employment background screening, it makes sense for companies to leave the job to the experts to get the procedures right. Edge can help your company perform the necessary background checks while helping to prevent hiring and legal errors. 

You get the return on your investment.

Hiring a new employee to your company is a big investment. Therefore, background check services can be valuable for many reasons. For one, Edge can help you save on costs since your hiring process becomes more efficient. And with a more efficient process, you eliminate the possibility of wasting company resources on unqualified applicants.

You get a custom-tailored solution for your business.

Edge offers background screening solutions for businesses of all sizes and types. Each industry has different requirements and needs. So, whether you are running a big corporation or a small business, you will get the solutions that fit your company’s needs and budget.

Final Thoughts

No matter the industry, employment background screening is an important step of the recruitment process. Therefore, hiring a dependable employment background screening provider can help your company mitigate and manage the risks involved during the recruitment process. Edge has a successful background check program that helps maintain your company’s values while performing the necessary screening process for you. With this, the entire hiring process becomes easier and more efficient – allowing you to focus your time and energy on other important organizational goals.