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Effective Strategies Towards a Seamless Pre Employment Screening

By November 27, 2020 No Comments

Pre Employment Screening

Replacing an employee or even hiring one for a new position does involve costs. As a hiring or business manager, you need to allocate a budget for advertising the open position, facilitating candidates’ interviews, and training new hires. That said, you must be sure to select the right candidate for the job – one that can help to achieve your business’ goals, add value to your organization and prevent the rise of your turnover rate which can have adverse effects on your company, including lowered employee morale and decreased productivity. 

Smart hiring decisions are an important aspect of effective business management. One of its salient advantages is reduced turnover which is a cause for unwanted expenses. With the implementation of strategic pre-employment screening of candidates, your chances of making wrong hiring decisions are greatly reduced.

Here are six beneficial pre-employment screening strategies you may apply to find the candidates that give your company an edge:

1. Verify Previous Employment

Most recruitment agencies know for a fact that more than 50% of resumes and job applications contain false or embellished information. This is a thing you must be cautious about because it can lead to costly hires. What may be disastrous is – if the unqualified applicant you hire causes harm to other people while on duty, you can be liable for negligent hiring, for which the cost may be prohibitive.   

To identify the most qualified applicant, you should work with a trusted pre-employment screening company that can assist you in verifying a candidate’s work history. They will assist in making sure that your applicants are who they say they are in their application documents.

2. Test Job Candidates for Drugs

Employees who are addicted to drugs or alcohol can expose themselves and other employees or your customers to harm or injury. You must be cautious about employing drug abusers or those struggling with alcohol. Implement clear drug testing policies that are in accordance with applicable laws and have these tests performed by a government-approved laboratory. For fast and reliable results, you may also coordinate with a proficient drug testing facilitator like the pre employment screening Florida businesses prefer. 

3. Confirm the Education and Accreditation of Job Candidates

Most hiring managers and employers would want to get complete and accurate information about the education, professional licenses and colleges or universities their potential employees have attended.  These are important things employers can use to determine a job candidate’s capability to perform a particular job or role in their organization. Professional licenses and other credentials or certifications are required for certain positions. The absence of such license or certification may subject your company to liability for failure to comply with laws and regulations.

Make sure that your company is hiring the most qualified individuals in terms of educational and professional qualifications. A reliable pre-employment screening company can help confirm the accuracy of the academic and other information your potential employees have listed in their resumes.

4. Keep Yourself Updated with Applicable Laws

All employers want their workplace to be safe, secure and productive. It is the primary reason why companies search the criminal history of their job applicants. An applicant with a clean record doesn’t mean they will be perfect but it may be a good start towards a stable and longer term employee. This in turn may translate to higher productivity, increased bottom line and high employee morale.

If you wish to check the criminal history of your applicants, you must do so compliantly and without any form of discrimination. Using an accredited screening firm is always recommended.

5. Work with a Trusted Pre Employment Screening Company

Even with the help of modern technology, most employers, hiring managers, and human resources professionals don’t have the time or expertise to screen job applicants thoroughly. This can lead to costly delays and possible hiring mistakes. 

As an employer or hiring manager, give the best of your time and resources to more important business matters like training and raising employee morale. Leave the task of screening job candidates to experienced professionals like Edge Information Management. We are the specialists in pre-employment screening that business managers trust.

We offer a wide range of background screening services to provide you with valuable information you can use as the basis for making sound hiring decisions.


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