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How to Quickly Hire Quality Recruits During the Pandemic

By May 11, 2020 No Comments

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With social distancing and quarantine rules in place in order for people to avoid contracting and spreading COVID-19, many businesses and commercial establishments across the U.S. like retail shops, restaurants, bars, movie houses etc. have closed up shop. This has caused unemployment and loss of income for thousands of workers and employees. However, more opportunities for work arise in other industries. Consumer needs must still be met and there are numerous industries who are mass hiring. In an article in Forbes, four businesses and industries currently hiring in the midst of the coronavirus crisis are pharmacies, teleworking software, groceries and tech support. This includes online sellers and other businesses looking for delivery, security, customer service, warehousing and distribution personnel as they expand operations in the midst of this pandemic.

So, how can organizations hire quickly and effectively without putting their HR department, recruitment officers and especially new applicants at risk? The answer is to make use of technology to streamline the reference check and background screening processes for potential employees.

Technology and software applications will help solve this problem through online applications, online onboarding, chat services and more so that hiring becomes fast and effective all while making sure appropriate social distancing policies are followed. Roles can be filled at a faster rate. But of course, even if time is of the essence, quality employees are still the main priority, which is why reference checks and background screening cannot be ignored or rushed for the sake of filling up the needed number of new hires.

Other management techniques include creating sets of pre-hire assessment questions which candidates can answer through video applications. This allows recruiters to weed out the potentials from those who are not qualified to move on to the next round of evaluations, reference checks, and background checks. It would be more efficient to implement background screening policies to reduce turnaround time. Various organizations would be able to craft customized screening approaches that would be tailor-fit for each company and hiring needs.

Finally, another technique for employers would be to use an online applicant portal or applicant tracking system so candidates and applicants can enter their personal information correctly. Additionally, recruitment personnel can track and tap into the database to search for results and view reports.

To help make the hiring process fast and effective for your company, Edge Information Management, Inc will do the in-depth reference check and background screen to help ensure that each new hire is capable and qualified for the position. Our compliance team is dedicated to assist all of our clients in navigating the employment screening regulatory environment to ensure that your company complies with all federal, state, municipal and local laws and considerations.

Let Edge Information Management do the leg work so you can focus on your business operations. Give us a call today at 800-725-3343!

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