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The Importance of Conducting Background Checks on Applicants for Delivery Jobs

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According to The News Service of Florida, there is a new state bill proposed (HB 1129) that requires all home-delivery workers in Florida to undergo background checks that include searches in the Multistate Criminal Database and the National Sex Offender Public Website. The bill was proposed by Rep. Mike Caruso of Delray Beach after a 75-year-old Boca Raton woman was killed last August.

The increased usage of home-delivery services has made homeowners and their property increasingly vulnerable to delivery workers with potential malicious intentions. We strongly believe that all delivery services should be required to perform a background check for delivery employees.

Making criminal record background checks an integral part of the hiring process for delivery workers is beneficial not only to customers but to employers as well because it enables them to:

Reveal False Credentials and Previous Criminal Activity

Delivering items to customers is a position of trust. You expect your delivery workers to carry out their jobs professionally and treat your customers with respect. That said, it’s not good practice to trust an applicant by merely looking at their credentials and resume. Nearly 58% of resumes contain inaccurate or misleading information which can lead to a hiring mistake. The best way to know that your applicants are who they say they are is to conduct background checks through employment screening services.

Avoid Negligent Hiring

Negligent hiring is a legal consequence or liability you can face for hiring someone you knew or should have known was a risk to customers, other workers or the general public. Negligent hiring typically comes into play when a worker you hire causes harm in some way and you become legally liable for it.

The average cost involved in negligent hiring lawsuits is one million dollars. According to a survey, employers are 70% likely to lose if these cases are brought to court.

If the bill requiring employee criminal background checks for delivery workers is passed and one of your delivery employees happens to commit a crime against a customer, you may be liable for negligent hiring.

Make Customers and Other Employees Feel Safe

As an operator of a door-to-door delivery business, you have a moral and legal obligation to keep your customers and employees safe. A study conducted by Strategic Human Resource Management reveals that violence occurs in 36% of workplaces in the United States. You should avoid becoming a part of this statistic by making background checks a part of your hiring process. This should include a check for the candidates’ previous criminal records, driving history, sex offenses, and drug abuse.

When hiring, be sure to conduct appropriate background and reference checks on potential employees. Call Edge at (800) 725-3343 for all your background screening needs.

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