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Is a Comprehensive Pre-Employment Background Check Necessary for All Applicants?

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Do you ever wonder if running a background check is necessary for every position you hire for? There are significant reasons why employers choose to implement background screening solutions when hiring prospective employees. However, there are companies that don’t actually require some of the more intensive pre-employment screening methods while others prefer a comprehensive background check.

Here are several reasons why you may want to run a comprehensive background check on job candidates:

  • The position requires the new employee to work with children or other vulnerable population such as the elderly or the infirm
  • The job requires an employee with specialized licenses or certifications such as a physician, lawyer or engineer
  • The position involves management and handling of money and sensitive financial information
  • The position requires a high degree of integrity, education, experience, and accountability

It only takes one bad hiring decision to tarnish a company’s image. As an employer, you must identify sensitive positions and run the corresponding background checks that suit each position. This will enable you to build an organization of qualified individuals.

If you’re wondering what comprises a comprehensive background check, here’s a list of things that are typically included:

Criminal Records Check

A majority of employers consider criminal records check as one of the most important aspects of pre-employment screening. It typically checks certain databases such as sex offender lists, incarceration records, and court records to make sure that if applicable a candidate’s history of past criminal offenses is on record for review prior to hiring them.

Identity and Address Verification

In an age when identity theft and fraud is common, most employers deem it wise to confirm the identity of promising job candidates before making a job offer.

Employment Verification

An applicant’s employment history is a crucial factor in your decision to hire or reject a job candidate. Their past employment needs to be verified to make sure that the applicant isn’t lying about their job history on their resume. Checking a person’s employment history is a regulated process. As an employer, it is imperative for you to work with an experienced employment screening solutions provider to ensure the process is done correctly.

Education Verification

According to a study, about 30% of applicants lie about their educational attainment. For companies that are truly particular about their employees’ educational background take the extra step of completing this verification.

Credentials and License Verification

This is intended to verify that an applicant has the credentials and licenses they claim to have. If you are hiring for a position that requires a license, employing an unlicensed candidate can put you and your company in legal trouble. Protect your business by making sure that the applicant you intend to hire for a professional job is duly licensed.

Interviewing Character or Professional References

Talking to character or professional references could be the best way to get a realistic profile of someone you intend to hire. It can help you verify whether or not your job candidate’s character, principles and work ethic are in line with the company’s core values.

Drug Screening

It is imperative for employers to conduct pre-employment drug screening on all applicants and even existing employees. When conducting drug tests, be sure to team up with a competent background screening solutions provider that is connected to an organized network of testing sites.

Credit History Check

If you are hiring for positions that require managing and handling of assets and cash accounts, you should verify if your prospect is trustworthy enough to be hired. To erase your doubts and make sure you have the right person for the job, you should first verify their credit history and background.

Department of Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Records Verification

Checking an applicant’s DMV and MVR record can tell you a lot about an applicant’s driving background, accident history, reckless driving record, and ticket history. It is an important screening especially for applicants whose duties require driving.

Hiring and recruitment are the most important foundations of a strong business organization. Make your background check process seamless with efficient employment screening solutions from Edge Information. Call us at (800) 725-3343.

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