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Why are Reference Checks Important in the Hiring Process?

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In a 2018 report sponsored by the National Association of Background Screeners, 95 percent of employers who were surveyed indicated that they conducted employment background screening during the hiring process. A background investigation or reference check is conducted when an employer contacts a job applicant’s previous employers, schools, and other sources to learn more about their employment history, behavior and qualifications for a specific job that they are applying for.

When a company’s HR department wants to conduct a reference verification, the main reason is to determine whether the applicant or new-hire is qualified for a position. A reference verification involves contacting the applicant’s previous employers, supervisors, co-workers and even teachers or mentors to confirm the information that the applicant posted in their resume regarding experience, skills, eligibility, as well as character, personal traits, leadership qualities and relationships with peers.

Here are several reasons why getting a reference check is important during the hiring process:

Protect Employees and Customers

A background and reference check helps to lessen the chance you are hiring someone with a violent past, record of criminal activity, or narcotics abuse that can be dangerous to others in the workplace. It is a company’s responsibility to keep their employees and customers safe. A reference check also reveals whether or not an applicant has the certifications that they claim which allow them to perform dangerous tasks like the operation of heavy machinery. Accidents can and do happen because of misinformation about capabilities and certifications.

Protect Your Company’s Reputation

If your applicant has a history of criminal activity like fraud, theft or embezzlement, then it would be bad for business if it happened on your watch! It could jeopardize your company’s reputation with not only customers but suppliers and partners as well.

Improve Quality of Hires

It is important for every company that they hire the right employees and people to operate and run the day-to-day activities of the business. Reference checks and background investigations help guide employers to new hires that will bring value to the organization by contributing the right skills and capabilities.

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