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It’s Christmas, the season of joy, thanks, celebrations, reunions, giving, and much more. The one thing that never fails to bring us joy is seeing our customers happy and satisfied with the services we deliver.

Since it is Christmas, we always take some time for reflection on the previous year and how we would like to better serve our customers. Here are some ways we are dedicated to serving you in the coming year.

A Promise to Help You Find the Best Candidate For Every Position

Hiring mistakes can lead to unwanted costs as high as 30% of the annual compensation for the position.

To help you identify the best candidate, we perform a series of background checks to make sure that the applicants are who they say they are in their application documents.

Some of the benefits of screening your job candidates include:

Sustained Productivity – because job candidates are well-screened, you can expect them to possess skills that meet company expectations and cut training costs.

Reduced Risks of Accidents and Damages – A bad hire can bring a higher level of risk including theft, drug abuse, possible damage to company property and negligent hiring claims. When you outsource your pre-employment screening to us, we endeavor to help you choose the candidates who are most qualified in terms of skills, education and character.

A Commitment to Help Minimize Your Unbudgeted Costs Associated with the Hiring Process

Hiring a new employee is an expensive process. The amount you spend on the orientation, training, and possible overtime to fill the vacuum left by your outgoing worker quickly adds up!

The costs you incur for the time spent by your HR or recruitment personnel is already part of the department budget. But the amount you spend for job board postings, skill tests and background checks, while budgeted, may be an added expense. If you make a hiring mistake, you end up wasting time and money.

One of the best ways to avoid a bad hire is to work with a competent employment screening provider.

When you screen job applicants with Edge, it’s far more likely that your potential hires are the most qualified applicants in terms of skills, experience, educational background, attitude, and integrity. With comprehensive screening you may avoid employing applicants with a history of hopping from one job to another, dishonesty and other undesirable practices such as alcohol or drug abuse.

In 2020, we are dedicated to our commitment to deliver accurate results, fast turnaround times, and five star customer service!

May our companies continue to work as partners in the new year and beyond.

Merry Christmas to you and yours and a Happy New Year to all!

Call us at (800) 725-3343 for all of your background screening needs.