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Why Pre-Employment Drug Screening is an Indispensable Requisite

By November 25, 2019 No Comments

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Drug abuse is a menace in the workplace that can place employees and customers at risk. It’s a good thing that many employers today have implemented drug-free workplace strategies. For many employers, a pre employment drug screening should be an included component of their recruitment process for the following reasons.

Promotes Safety

Illegal drugs can impair a worker’s skills and judgment, exposing them and other employees to safety risks which can lead to injuries or fatalities. Employee drug abuse is the cause of 50% of on-the-job accidents in the U.S. It is a prudent move of companies to require job candidates and current employees to undergo drug testing.

Enhances Productivity

Drug abuse can certainly decrease a worker’s efficiency no matter how good he/she may be at their job. This can lead to unmet quotas, missed deadlines and poor attendance. By requiring employees and job candidates to go through pre employment drug testing in Florida, your company can be sure that its workers are ready and able to work.

Minimizes Bad Hiring Decisions

Pre-employment drug testing works to reduce the likelihood of you hiring the people whose addiction may put your business at risk.

Reduces Medical Costs

Substance abuse is one of the main reasons why businesses lose a whopping $140 billion annually. Drug screening may lower employee medical costs and insurance premiums by way of reduced on-the-job accidents and employee drug-related illnesses. It’s a great way to promote the health of employees, reduce employer costs, and maximize productivity and profit potentials.

As an employer concerned with your employees’ well-being and your company’s success, you must make sure that the people your hire are the best for the job. Requiring them to go through a series of checks including background checks and pre employment drug screening may be a foundational step to doing so. With the help of an experienced background screening professional, you will be able to build a seamless hiring process that works to fulfill your company’s objectives.

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