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Pre-Employment Screening – Its Purpose and Benefits

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As an employer or hiring manager, performing a pre-employment screening gives you the opportunity to verify and check the information provided by a candidate. It will let you discover information your candidate might have mistakenly or intentionally omitted such as residency in a place where the applicant might have a criminal record. Reports that stem from a background check can help you to maintain a safe and productive workplace, and more importantly, enable you to avoid the pitfalls of making a bad hire.

Pre-employment background checks are essential in the hiring process these days. They help employers ascertain the veracity of information a job applicant provides you with on his or her resume. In a benchmark 2018 report it was found that 85% of employers caught applicants lying on their applications or resumes. This is one of the areas a leading employment screening company in Florida focuses on. After all, nobody really wants to make a bad hire.

Additionally, pre-employment screening works to ensure that your prospective employee:

  • Is who they claim they are
  • Has the skills, experience and qualifications the position requires
  • Doesn’t have any derogatory record in his/her employment history that could make them unsuitable for the job (ex. gross misconduct, unspent criminal conviction, etc.)
  • Doesn’t have a medical or psychological condition that could make him/her unsuitable for the role (allergy, fear of heights, etc.)

Pre-employment screening is a challenge every employer must undertake to be able to hire the right candidate for the right job. You can make the job easier by seeking the assistance of professional background check services like a pre employment screening company in Florida.

These are the salient benefits pre-employment screening can give your business:

Better Employees

Employers who do pre-employment screening as an integral part of their hiring process can look forward to lots of benefits. One of these is the improvement in the quality of job applicants which leads to quality, highly productive workers and reduced employee turnover. It also deters unqualified individuals with previous criminal history from vying for the vacant post.

Reduced Non-violent Employee Misconduct

Non-violent employee misconduct refers to offenses that include theft of company or customer property, drug possession, fraud, identity theft, or abuse of confidential information. Aside from its negative impact on a company’s financial resources, these violations can certainly result in loss of customer confidence, deflated employee morale, and damage to the image your company is trying to protect and project.

By identifying applicants who have a previous record of non-violent yet damaging acts of misconduct in the workplace, you will be able to keep your company free from undesirable workers.

Reduced Risk of Negligent Hiring Claims

Negligent hiring refers to a legal claim made by a person (could be an employee, customer, or member of the general public) against an employer for an injury caused by the latter’s employee who has a history of similar incidents. The claim is based on grounds that the employer knew or should have known the employee’s history prior to hiring them. The employer can be held liable for the injury if it is evident that the employer did not take reasonable measures in the employment selection process.

Employers who conduct pre-employment screening especially on jobs that are highly exposed to customers, co-workers, and the general public, as well as positions that involve special trust like caregiving or security, have lesser risks of negligent hiring litigation.

Pre-employment screening may take time and extra effort on your part as an employer, but it could be your first step towards a safe and productive workplace. It’s a wise investment to make it an integral part of your company’s recruitment system. Make the process easier for you by tapping the expertise of professionals like the pre employment screening specialists at Edge Information Management.

You can always count on Edge Information Management for your employment screening needs. Contact us at (888) 643-5716.

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