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According to Forbes 2016 list of largest charities in the U.S., United Way Worldwide received $3.708 billion in private donations followed by Task Force for Global Health at $3.153 billion in cash and in-kind donations. There are 100 organizations on that list with billions of dollars worth of donations and a huge workforce spread out across the country. United Way itself at that time had more than 1,000 legally independent local units. That’s a lot of people involved in handling large amounts of money and goods for charitable activities.

Running a non-profit foundation or charity is very different from owning a traditional business because they are driven by a mission to society, oftentimes serving marginalized groups and vulnerable populations. In order to accomplish the mission objectives and goals, a capable staff and pool of dedicated volunteers is needed. More than education and experience, it is important to find the best candidates by running a thorough background check made for non-profit organizations as well as background checks for non-profit board members. You don’t want employees with previous felony and fraud records to be part of a team tasked with handling millions of dollars worth of funds and assets.

In fact, one incident of fraud or scandal could put the entire organization at risk. It could greatly affect the organizations reputation, credibility and trustworthiness especially in the eyes of the shareholders, donors and tax-paying public. Another critical point for non-profit organizations is the fact that they are granted tax-exempt status as a form of compensation for doing good for the community. This is another reason why running a background check for non profit board members is a necessity.

In order to protect the organization’s shareholders and to ensure continued funding, finding the best qualified individuals as office staff is of utmost priority not just to protect the assets but to avoid potential lawsuits that might occur in the event of any unfortunate situations or circumstances. This especially holds true for organizations that span numerous states across the country.

When choosing the ideal candidate, the potential employee needs to have both exceptional skills as well as the right attitude and values to help the organization realize their mission. Since 1991, Edge Information Management, Inc. has been an international provider of employment screening services including background checks for non profit organizations.  The company was formed by a group of professionals with experience in business, information technology and private investigations. Edge offers efficient and effective screening programs to ensure a safe and secure work environment for your organization.

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