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How Edge Information Can Be Every Small Business’ Lucky Charm

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According to the 2018 LinkedIn Workforce Report, unemployment has significantly decreased but hiring is not as easy as it used to be. There is more demand in the labor workforce but not enough qualified employees for the positions available. Background checks are needed more than ever.

Conducting background checks for potential employees is important for big companies but is especially critical for small businesses. Background checks can save your business time and allow the company to compete against larger corporations for potential new hires. Small businesses also have more to lose when they hire new employees, since a lean staff often has more access to confidential business information, finances, sales and other aspects of operations. Exposing this sensitive information to a bad hire could spell danger to your company.

Hiring new employees requires a lot of effort and resources and it’s a process that needs a lot of attention. Employers cannot afford to do their own background checks because it takes up so much time and legwork, not to mention dealing with government policies to ensure that no privacy policies are being violated.

To make the hiring process faster and more cost-efficient, the best thing for small businesses to do is to find a company that offers reliable background check services. Get the information you need with Edge Information Management. When it comes to reference checks, the team at Edge is highly-skilled to uncover the information needed to perform an in-depth background check.

Here’s 4 ways that Edge Information can be your company’s lucky charm and save your business from potential problems in the long run.

  1. Contact applicant’s previous employers, schools, colleges, and other sources to learn more about their employment history, qualifications and capabilities to carry out a specific job.
  2. Verify employment experience to check individual’s job duties, performance, strengths and weaknesses, eligibility for rehire, reason for resignation and other detailed information.
  3.  Contact personal references to ascertain length of relationship, character traits, personal conduct, nature of relationship and customized questions.
  4. Check previous Department of Transportation references for drug and alcohol history.

At Edge Information Management, we will listen to what you need and deliver customized service that is tailor fit to your business’ goals and objectives. It is our mission to get your company the information you need to get qualified candidates to work as soon as possible. More importantly, we ensure that our methods and technology strictly comply with federal and state laws to ensure that each individual’s rights are not violated in the background screening process.

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