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Why Is A Potential Hire’s Educational Background Important?

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Successful Candidate Resume Requires Skills, Education And Experience To Find Employment

Hiring a new employee is a major investment of resources for any organization or company. This is why most businesses often use a background information service to screen their potential hires. One of the most important elements of the screening process for new hires is the pre-employment background check. Aside from other information including criminal records, drug-use, previous employment, medical history and more – an individual’s educational background is also critical.

For those companies that take advantage of educational background check services; the applicants’ degrees, professional certifications, and necessary supporting documentation are thoroughly examined. This is not only to confirm the applicants’ claims and prove their honesty and integrity but also for the following reasons:

  1. Degrees and certifications prove that a person can legally perform the job.
  2. Industry certifications and other academic levels ensure that candidates meet the basic requirements and are qualified for the job.
  3. A strong educational background confirms that applicant has strong grasp of the related learning and training needed for a specific employment position.
  4. A truthful education background that checks out demonstrates a potential hires

According to an article by Forbes, the second most-common inaccuracies and embellishments on a resume are related to an applicants education background and academic achievements. This fraudulent practice of lying about their degree, school or anything education-related is just cause to reject an applicant or terminate a current employee.

When you choose a reputable screening agency, you can rest easy with the knowledge that the verification of a potential hires history is being performed by someone with the correct knowledge and experience. Once a new applicant submits his documents for pre-employment screening, the agency in charge of background check services will then contact the institutions and universities involved to determine if all details and information given by the applicant are correct and true.

An applicant’s degree and certification can mean the difference between life and death when it comes to performing a job. If you are unsure of an individual in your workforce or someone who wishes to be a part of the organization, always perform a complete and thorough background check before putting them to work.

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