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Five Reasons You Should Drug Test Potential Hires

By December 10, 2018 No Comments

Drug test blank form with penThe dangers of drug and alcohol abuse are many. When it comes to the workplace, productivity and safety are some of the biggest issues businesses deal with. That is why it is important to screen potential employees for drug and alcohol use through a Florida pre employment drug test.

While the initial cost of a pre-employment drug test is relatively small, the benefits of pre-employment drug screening are huge when you consider the cost of dealing with an employee that has a drug problem and the safety hazards associated with it.

Though there are numerous reasons employers should drug test potential hires, here are five simple ones:

  1. Insurance costs — With drug abuse comes many health issues. This means employees who use drugs come with higher medical costs. This results in higher insurance costs via claims, premiums and worker compensation costs. While it might not completely eliminate these costs, pre-employment drug screening will substantially reduce them.
  1. Healthier & safer workplace — Obviously a worker that abuses drugs will lead to an increase in safety hazards at work. This can lead to loss of employees and productivity during work hours because of injuries or even deaths.
  1. Reduces workplace conflicts — Whether it is because of a decrease of sleep or because of mood altering substances, drugs have a tendency to make people more aggressive. A pre-employment drug screening will identify and rule out potential drug users, thus creating a more peaceful work environment.
  1. Helps bolster staff morale and productivity — Drug use also leads to missed work, tardiness and a decrease in performance. When this happens with current employees, it has a ripple effect on the rest of the staff who are often expected to pick up the absent employee’s slack. If an employer partakes in pre-employment drug screening, this will disqualify a significant amount of drug-users, which will positively impact morale and productivity down the line.
  1. Less employee turnover and reduced recruitment costs — Drug abuse often leads to disarray in one’s social and work life and creates unhealthy habits like mood swings and lack of rest that can result in absenteeism. This, among many other reasons, can make it hard for drug users to keep a job. The costs of turnovers alone is one reason employers should take advantage of pre-employment drug tests.

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