Texas Employment Screening

Whether you are hiring one or several employees for your business, you can certainly count on Edge Information Management to provide you with outstanding Texas employment screening services.

  • Our three decades of experience in the background checking and verification industry is the muscle that keeps us steadfast in fulfilling our commitment to give you nothing less than the best from our Texas background screening work.
  • We verify information across a wide variety of databases to ascertain that your shortlisted applicants are who they say they are in their application documents and interviews. We exercise due diligence in checking their personal, criminal, driving, financial, and employment backgrounds.
  • Whether you are engaged in finance, healthcare, energy, field services, education, or any industry, we are a partner you can trust for an efficient Texas pre-employment screening, tracking and verification of your potential employees.
  • We can deliver a comprehensive background screening process which includes:
    • Criminal Records History
    • Credit Background Check
    • Identity and Address Verification
    • Employment Verification
    • Education Verification
    • Credentials and Licenses Verification
    • Department of Motor Vehicle and Motor Vehicle Records
    • Background Checks
    • Reference Verification
    • Drug Testing, and
    • L-9 and E-Verify
  • We have a dedicated team of compliance professionals to assist you in navigating the local, state, and federal employment screening regulatory environment.
  • We have a flexible system that allows us to engage with any customer no matter how small or large your business may be. We offer small business and enterprise solutions that enable us to efficiently deliver our services in relation to your size as a company.
  • We were selected as “the Baker’s Dozen 2020 Midsize Program Winner”, in the nation, for customer service. So, be rest assured that we commit to give you the best customer care that you deserve.

The success of your business can depend on the quality of people you hire. Make Edge Information Management a part of your hiring process.


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