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The Future of Drug Testing: What You Need to Know About Emerging Technologies, Drug Abuse Trends, and Complying with Evolving State Drug Testing Laws

When: May 9, 2023 3:00pm EST

About the Webinar

Marijuana legalization continues to spread across the country as substance abuse levels increase to alarming levels. Employers are struggling to find qualified workers to fill critical positions, yet the importance of maintaining a safe and healthy workforce is still of paramount importance.  Drug testing helps make that possible.


Join Bill Current, President and Founder of the Current Consulting Group, voted the #1 recognized consulting firm in the drug testing industry, for a timely and informative presentation on what industry providers need to know about the future of drug testing.


  • The five most important things to consider when drug testing in 2023.
  • Current drug testing trends including what employers are saying about drug testing.
  • How the only three drug testing methods approved by the federal government compare to each other and which will be most used in the future.
  • New drug and alcohol testing technologies that focus on prevention.

Presenter Bio:

Bill Current is the author of “Why Drug Testing: Updated and Expanded for 2020,” as well as 9 other books on substance-related issues. He founded the Current Consulting Group in 1998 and it has become the number one recognized brand name in compliance and business development, consulting in the drug testing industry. He created Current Compliance, the only comprehensive online subscription database on all state laws related to workplace drug testing, including marijuana and workers’ compensation laws.

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