Oklahoma Employment Screening

Your company doesn’t have to be a Fortune 500 corporation to seek the best candidates for jobs you offer. Any business regardless of size deserves the most qualified workers in terms of skills, experience, and background.

To achieve this objective, you will need a competent partner to perform a comprehensive Oklahoma employment screening to help you know who your potential employees are before you offer them a job. These are the people that can give you the confidence and peace of mind that your business is run by people with the skills, experience and integrity their position demands.

Edge Information Management can help you identify the employee you’re looking for.

    • Our proficiency and experience in background screening and verification is our assurance that we will deliver detailed and meaningful results, and our processes are based on industry-recognized standards.
    • We help you, our customers, to make hiring decisions faster by delivering quality results as they become available. We can help you to avoid unwanted hiring delays which means cost and due to poor hiring decisions.
    • We have a dedicated team of compliance professionals to assist you in navigating the local, state, and federal employment screening regulatory environment.
    • Whether you are engaged in technology, retail, transportation, finance, healthcare, or any industry, we are a partner you can trust for an efficient Oklahoma pre-employment screening, tracking and verification of your potential employees.
    • We can deliver a comprehensive Oklahoma background screening process which includes:
      • Criminal Records History
      • Credit Background Check
      • Identity and Address Verification
      • Employment Verification
      • Education Verification
      • Credentials and Licenses Verification
      • Department of Motor Vehicle and Motor Vehicle Records
      • Background Checks
      • Reference Verification
      • Drug Testing, and
      • L-9 and E-Verify
  • We were selected as “the Baker’s Dozen 2020 Midsize Program Winner”, in the nation, for customer service. So, be rest assured that we commit to give you the best customer care that you deserve.

Work with Edge Information Management for a flawless background verification process. With our 30 years of experience, you can have our assurance of compliant, accurate, and timely results.


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