Ohio Employment Screening

Edge Information Management is a professional Ohio employment screening company with 30 years of experience in the background screening and evaluation industry. We are accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association, a feat only a few background check companies around the world have accomplished.

    • We operate to help companies of all sizes get the most from their business by helping them hire only the best and most qualified applicants. Working with us can give you the confidence and peace of mind that you have made an intelligent decision that can benefit your business.
    • We’re serious about providing quality Ohio background screening services. Whether you’re just starting up or a huge corporation, we can help to streamline your hiring process.
    • We have several products that range from checking criminal and driving records to verifying employment history and drug testing. We operate to offer you the opportunity to identify the best candidate for the job you offer.
    • We verify information provided by your job candidate to identify false or misleading information that can lead to hiring mistakes and possible legal liabilities.
    • Whether you are engaged in government, long-term care, retail, staffing, insurance, healthcare, education, technology, or any industry, we are a partner you can trust for an efficient Ohio pre-employment screening, tracking and verification of your potential employees.
    • We can deliver a comprehensive background screening services which includes:
      • Criminal Records History
      • Credit Background Check
      • Identity and Address Verification
      • Employment Verification
      • Education Verification
      • Credentials and Licenses Verification
      • Department of Motor Vehicle and Motor Vehicle Records
      • Background Checks
      • Reference Verification
      • Drug Testing, and
      • L-9 and E-Verify
  • We were selected as “the Baker’s Dozen 2020 Midsize Program Winner”, in the nation, for customer service. So, be rest assured that we commit to give you the best customer care that you deserve.

Work with Edge Information Management for a flawless background verification process. With our 30 years of experience, you can have our assurance of compliant, accurate, and timely results.

Make that one big step to protect your assets and improve your business. Start by hiring the right people to work for you.


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