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Businesses in the healthcare industry, particularly companies that engage in the manufacture of medical supplies and equipment, the management and maintenance of health or medical facilities, and the delivery of health or medical care services, can expect positive outlook in terms of growth. In fact, within a ten-year period ending 2026, employment in this sector is estimated to grow 18 percent, which translates to the addition of 2.4 million new jobs.

With the healthcare industry’s growth comes the need for more improved processes that produce real, measurable results at efficient rates. An important facet that needs to be addressed is the pre-employment and hiring procedures within healthcare companies. However, Human Resources departments have more than enough on their plate; more often than not, the priority is to find the right people for the job.

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Hire the right Healthcare Candidates.

Edge Information lets you focus on the business side of things. We aim to assist you in your hiring process with our full suite of background screening solutions. Our services include reference checks, verifications, and electronic fingerprinting, which we can seamlessly integrated into your existing practices and customize according to your needs.

Need faster delivery of drug testing results? Edge offers our very own drug testing program, which we conduct in partnership with top-rated and accredited laboratories nationwide. We also understand that keeping your I-9 employment verification system deficiency-free can be a challenge, that is why we created the i9AdvantEdge system—a paperless and streamlined way of complying with federal regulations pertaining to I-9.

While implementing these proven hiring and employment systems, Edge utilizes a system to ensure that your hiring procedures meet industry standards and comply with federal laws, state laws, and municipal or local rules.

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